Allegiant Air

IATA Code: G4


Phone number: +18068844255

Allegiant Air at Las Vegas Nevada belongs to the category of airlines that fly only within the United States. This company is a low-cost carrier. It is based here, in Las Vegas. The airline is relatively young: it was founded in 1997.

Allegiant Air operates approximately 100 scheduled flights to various US airports. A distinctive feature of this airline is that it uses planes only from Airbus. In total, the company has 114 aircrafts at its disposal. The most popular model is the Airbus A320-200. Previously, the airline mainly used planes from McDonnell Douglas.

Allegiant Air las vegas airport

The company is actively engaged in the organization of charter flights. For example, some flights are designed specifically to deliver passengers to certain casinos in Las Vegas.
Despite the fact that the airline operates a small number of flights, and its planes fly only within the United States, it is a fairly large company. Allegiant Air has a market capitalization of over $1 billion and a workforce of approximately 2,000 professionals.

Allegiant arrivals terminal at Las Vegas Airport

Most often, flights of this airline arrive at terminal 1. Occasionally there are exceptions (this depends on the decision of the administration). We recommend checking what terminal is Allegiant Airlines in Las Vegas Airport before each flight. To do this, you can go to the official website of the airport or ask questions to the support service by phone.

Allegiant arrivals terminal at Las Vegas Airport

Allegiant Airline at Las Vegas Airport departures terminal

Flights depart from the same terminal where planes arrive. As in the previous case, exceptions happen and the terminal can change. You just need to take a few minutes before your trip to find up-to-date information.

Allegiant check-in terminal at McCarran Airport

There is no single terminal where airline passengers undergo this procedure. The check-in location depends on where your flight will depart from. We talked about how to find out Allegiant departures terminal at Las Vegas Airport above. In order to undergo the procedure, you need to come here in advance, as check-in usually takes place a few hours before the flight departure. Detailed information about check-in can be found on your ticket.