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There are only two terminals at Las Vegas airport available to passengers. This makes it difficult for them to get confused. To simplify things even more, these terminals have their own purpose. Terminal 1 is for domestic flights, while Terminal 3 is for international flights. Yes, the numbering of the terminals is 1 and 3, not 1 and 2, as one might expect. There are also other terminals at the airport, but they have a different purpose. For example, they are used to service private jets, government flights, air cargo and exclusive flights. Access to these terminals is not easy to get, so we are not interested in them. Let’s consider separately each of the terminals intended for “ordinary” passengers.

First terminal at Las Vegas airport

First terminal at Las Vegas airport

This terminal is the most popular and busiest one at the airport. Here you can see aircrafts, for example, of such airlines: Spirit, Delta Air Lines, Advanced Airlines, American Airlines, Southern Airlines. For each airline, the administration has allocated certain gates. For example, American Airlines uses D gates and Spirit uses A and B.

The terminal has three levels: lower level, level 1, level 2. They are fundamentally different from each other in terms of services and purpose. For example, the check-in area is on the first level, and the departures area is on the second level. The lower level is a common space for passengers, where you can find several useful services. In general, in this terminal you can find the following services: Meet and Greet, Duty Free, restaurants and cafes, kids play area, charging station, information booth.

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There are also lounge areas here: The Centurion Lounge, The Club at LAS, USO Lounge, United Airlines United Club. Lounge areas provide almost the same services. Here you can have a snack, take a shower, read magazines or newspapers, use wireless Internet, watch TV.

Any passenger can use the lounge services. Access is paid. For example, in order to get into The Club at LAS you need to pay $39.

An interesting feature of this McCarran Airport terminal is the Aviation Museum. While waiting for your flight, you can spend time interestingly.

To get to the neighboring terminal, you need to use the inter-terminal shuttle. This is a special type of transport designed for passengers. To use this shuttle, you need to go down to the lower level and wait a bit. Inter-terminal shuttle runs every 15-30 minutes.

McCarran International Airport terminals map

McCarran International Airport terminals map

This terminal is the newest at the airport. It is mainly used for international flights, but some domestic flights are also served here. This terminal serves, for example, such airlines: Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, KLM, WestJet, Volaris, AeroMexico, Air Canada, Copa Airlines.

This terminal consists of four levels: level 0, level V, level 1, level 2. Zero and second levels are considered the main ones. At the level 0 there is a baggage claim area and a tram station. On the second level you can find the check-in and departures areas.

There are only two lounge areas on this level: USO Lounge and The Club at LAS. The list of services here is the same as in the case of terminal 1. Outside the lounge areas, the services also don’t differ: there are restaurants, cafes, Duty Free, shops, Meet and Greet and so on.

On the official website you can find the map of McCarran Airport terminals. The terminals have a good layout, so it’s hard to get lost here. If you have additional questions regarding the terminals of this airport, you can call the support service. Use this phone number: 702.261.5211.