Arrivals Las Vegas airport

Harry Reid International Airport is the main passenger airport in the Las Vegas Valley. This is one of the most popular airports in the United States, from which you can fly to dozens of cities around the world – both within the United States and outside the country. Obviously, there are many flight arrivals at Las Vegas every day, because this facility serves about 40 million passengers annually.

Arrivals Las Vegas airport

McCarran airport arrivals take place in one of two terminals. Terminal 1 is designed to serve domestic flights. Here you can see aircrafts, for example, of such airlines: Allegiant Air, Avelo Air, Advanced Airlines, Spirit, Southwest. Terminal 3 accepts both domestic and international flights. Flights arrive here, for example, from such airlines: Eurowings, KLM, Korean Air, Copa Airlines, Flair Airlines.

The official website of the airport provides complete information about arrivals, which is updated in real time. If you would like to inquire in person about arrivals McCarran, you can do so by calling the following telephone number: 702.261.5211.

arrivals destinations at Las Vegas airport

Top arrivals destinations at Las Vegas airport

Obviously, some destinations are more popular than others. Let’s look at the ranking of cities in the United States, from where passengers most often arrive.

  • Los Angeles (1,053,000 passengers in just one year).
  • Denver (998,000 passengers).
  • Dallas (879,000 passengers).
  • Seattle (866,000 passengers).
  • Chicago (810,000 passengers).

Interestingly, domestic flights are more popular among people who use the services of this airport.

Las Vegas airport arriving

Now let`s consider the statistics of Las Vegas arrivals in terms of international flights. This data is a little older, but it can be assumed that the situation has not changed dramatically.

  • Toronto, Canada (573,000 passengers).
  • Mexico City, Mexico (428,000 passengers).
  • Calgary, Canada (391,000 passengers).
  • Vancouver, Canada (349,000 passengers.
  • London, UK (342,000 passengers).

As you can see, here we are also dealing with not long distances flights, since most often airport passengers fly to neighboring countries.

flights arriving in Las Vegas today

Among the most popular airlines, we note British Airways, Aeromexico, WestJet, Vplaris, Copa Airlines, Korean Air.

How to get information about flights arriving in Las Vegas today

As mentioned above, the airport administration carefully ensures that flights information is updated in real time, so that any passenger can receive reliable data at any time.

On the airline’s website, you can find complete information about the flight that is arriving. It indicates the city from which the plane flies, the exact time of arrival, the airline that services the flight, the flight number, terminal and gate. The website also indicates the status of the flight: on time, delayed or cancelled. The airport copes with its duties perfectly, therefore, if a flight is delayed, most often the reason is either weather conditions or shortcomings of the airlines.

flights arriving in Las Vegas today

If you would like to get more information about flights arriving at the airport or flights arriving from Las Vegas, you can contact the airport support team. It works around the clock, and you can get answers to all your questions. An alternative option is to contact the airline or go to their website.

It is important that the airport has only two terminals, which have their exact purpose. This means that your flight will always arrive at the same terminal, so you don’t have to check this information before you fly.