Las Vegas Airport lounges

Lounges at Las Vegas Airport is a great option for those passengers who want not only to wait for their flight, but to spend this time in comfort. These locations are equipped with everything you need so that you can spend time in silence, doing your own thing.

Lounge areas at the airport are available to all passengers, regardless of which airline they use.

Lounge areas are equipped with comfortable furniture. Here you can either have a bite to eat or order a full-fledged premium dish from a good chef. McCarran Airport lounges offer passengers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Here you can use wireless Internet, watch TV, read magazines and newspapers. There is also a shower here.

Lounge map terminal 1 las vegas

Passengers whose flight is delayed love to spend their time in these places. If you have to wait for several hours, why spend this time in uncomfortable conditions? In addition, lounge areas are often visited by passengers whose flight departs early in the morning. Here you can get a hot breakfast and take a shower before the road.

Each lounge has its own opening hours, so we recommend checking this information before your trip. For example, you can call airport support and ask questions you have.

Las Vegas Airport VIP lounges at terminal 1 map

Las Vegas Airport VIP lounges at terminal 1 map

This terminal has four lounge areas.

The Club at LAS is located at Concourse D. This location opens at 5 am and closes at 1:30 am. There is a standard set of services: Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, shower, snacks, drinks, printer. The list of services is almost the same in all cases.

Club at LAS is located at Concourse D

The next lounge area is The Centurion Lounge. The location opens at 5 am and closes at 11 pm. The lounge is located at Concourse D too.

United Airlines United Club opens a little earlier – at 4:30 in the morning. The lounge stops its work at 12:30 at night.

USO Lounge differs from other Las Vegas Airport clubs in that this location is open around the clock. Here you can eat, drink delicious drinks and spend interesting and useful time.

Lounges at McCarran Airport terminal 3

Lounges at McCarran Airport terminal 3

There are half as many lounges in this terminal as in terminal 1. There are only two of them.

The Club at LAS starts its work, as in the previous case, at 5 am, but this lounge is open for half an hour less – the location closes at 12 am.

The USO Lounge (Satellite) opening hours are easy to remember: the lounge opens at 8 am and closes at 8 pm.

To access any lounge, you need to pay. Fares start at $39 per passenger. You can make a purchase in advance, via the Internet. It is possible to buy a pass right on the spot, at the airport itself.

If you need something more substantial than a lounge area, you can contact the airport staff. They will tell you how to quickly get to hotels, restaurants.