Terminal 1 map Las Vegas airport

Terminal 1 at Las Vegas airport is designed to serve domestic flights. The terminal has parking for 6,000 cars, baggage claim area, ticket purchase area, check-in area. Gates A, B, C are located here. To get to gates D, you need to use a special automated transit system. All airlines served by this terminal use the same baggage claim area. To get your luggage quickly and without problems, check out the McCarran Airport baggage claim map first.

The most convenient way to get to terminal 3 is to use the inter-terminal shuttle. This special mode of transport runs every 15-30 minutes. To use it, you need to go down to the zero level and wait a bit. McCaran Tram is an alternative transport. Passengers are allowed to take luggage and pets with them, as long as they are in cages that comply with airport regulations.

Terminal 1 at Las Vegas airport

If you have to wait a long time for your flight, or the flight is delayed, you can have fun and enjoy your time in this terminal. It has a large number of catering establishments, lounge areas and even an Aviation Museum. Passengers with children don’t experience any discomfort, as here you can find a special area for children, where young tourists can have fun.
Terminal 1 at Las Vegas airport: airlines and destinations

As mentioned above, this terminal is intended for air transportation within the United States. Here are some airlines served by this terminal:

  • Delta;
  • American Airlines;
  • Advanced Airlines;
  • Avelo;
  • Allegiant Air;
  • Southwest;
  • Spirit.

More information can be found on the websites of these airlines.

Terminal 1 mccaran airport

The planes of these companies fly, for example, to such cities in the USA: Medford, Memphis, Minot, Missoula, Atlanta, San Antonio, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Sacramento.

Domestic flights are the most popular among the passengers of this airport, so airlines provide an opportunity to get quickly and conveniently to almost anywhere in the country. The list of destinations depends on the airlines, so you can always find up-to-date information on their official websites.

Levels of terminal 1 at McCaran Airport

This terminal consists of three levels.

Lower level. To get access here, you need to use the Arrival level. This is a common space for passengers. Here you can find many useful services.

Levels of terminal 1 at McCaran Airport

Level 1. Here, passengers who arrived at the airport receive their luggage. Also on this level you can find the arrivals area and check-in area. From this level you can quickly access the parking lot and public transport.

Level 2. Flights depart from here. Here are gates A,B,C. To get to D gate at terminal 1 Las Vegas airport, you need to spend a little time, as it is located in a neighboring building. The second level provides access to several concourses. To gain access to them, you must first go through a security check.

If you have any questions regarding the levels, you can always contact the airport staff on the spot. In order to get information in advance, you can visit the airport’s official website.

Services and lounges on Las Vegas airport terminal 1 map

If you take a look at the services map of this terminal, you will find a large number of useful and interesting locations.

Services and lounges on Las Vegas airport terminal 1 map

There are many restaurants and cafes, Duty Free, information booth, Meet and Greet, pet relief area, airport mailer, kids play area, shops. If your smartphone or tablet is dead, you can solve the problem by using the charging station. And, as mentioned above, there is an Aviation Museum at this level, which is very popular among adults and children. Here you will find a wide range of artifacts that have become iconic in the history of world aviation.

On terminal 1 McCarran Airport map you can find four lounge areas. These locations are popular among passengers who want not just to routinely wait for their flight, but to spend time in comfort. Lounge areas have the following names: The Club at LAS, United Airlines United Club, The Centurion Lounge, USO Lounge. Access to these locations is paid. For example, in order to enter The Club at LAS, you need to pay $39 per passenger.

Las Vegas airport terminal 1 map

Lounge zones have approximately the same functionality. For example, here you can have a bite to eat, take a shower, read the press, use the wireless Internet, use the printer, watch TV. Each lounge area has its own opening hours, which may change from time to time. Check this information before your trip. If you pay for access to the lounge area, your time here will be limited only by the location’s opening hours. You can purchase access both for half an hour and for 3-4 hours.