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If you want to rent a car immediately after arriving at this airport, you won’t encounter any problems. There are 14 companies that provide this service. One of these companies has the original name – Dollar. You can rent both a simple family hatchback and a modern premium crossover. It all depends on your preferences and available budget.

dollar las vegas airport

This is a big reputable company. Dollar rents out its cars in many cities in the United States and outside the country (Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, Canada, some European countries).
Every vehicle is regularly serviced. Experts carefully check the serviceability of all functions, the reliability of safety systems.

The cost of the service depends on the period of time you rent a car. The longer this period, the lower the payment per day.

The company asks customers to notify their desire to rent a vehicle 48 hours before arrival. In this case, your car is guaranteed to be in stock.

How to find Dollar rental car service at Las Vegas Airport

How to find Dollar rental car service at Las Vegas Airport

To rent a car, you need to come to this address: AP, 7135 Gilespie St. The most convenient way to get to this location is to use the airport shuttle. This is a special type of transport that delivers passengers to popular places at the airport and beyond. The above address is 3 miles from the airport. The shuttle departs every 5-7 minutes. Transport is adapted to the needs of different passengers: people with large luggage, passengers with children and people with disabilities.

Contact details of McCarran Dollar rental car service

You can find detailed information about the service on the company’s official website: Dollar car rent at Las Vegas Airport phone number: +1 866-434-2226.
An important point: this company doesn’t work around the clock. Dollar opens at 8am and closes at 10pm. If you want to get your car, for example, late at night, use the services of another company.

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