Website: westjet.com

Phone number: +18889378538

WestJet is an airline from Canada. It is the second largest company in the country, second only to Air Canada. The airline operates both scheduled and charter flights. WestJet was founded in 1996 and today flies to over 100 destinations. The airline’s planes can be seen in Europe, Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. The headquarter is located in the Canadian city of Calgary.

The airline operates some flights in cooperation with other companies. For example, there are partnership agreements with KLM, Air France, British Airways.
The WestJet fleet consists of 105 planes. The most popular model is the Boeing 737-700 (46 aircrafts).

Some of the airline’s destinations are: Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Toronto, Rome, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, ​​London, San Diego, Denver, San Francisco, Boston, Las Vegas.
WestJet arrivals terminal at Las Vegas Airport

As mentioned above, the airline operates independent flights and codeshare flights. In the first case, terminal 3 is used, in the second case – terminal 1. This is only indicative information, as the terminal may sometimes change. Take a few minutes before your trip to find up-to-date information.

What is WestJet departures terminal at Las Vegas?

In this case, the same terminals are used. As in the previous section, the terminal is subject to change. You can get reliable information, for example, by going to the airport’s official website. You can also contact the airline or airport support service.


Check-in is a procedure that you must go through before every flight. After that, you will receive a boarding pass. Firstly, find out which terminal your flight departs from. Then come here in advance. You can find more detailed information about the check on your ticket.