Sun Country



Phone number: +18003596786

Sun Country at Las Vegas Airport

Sun Country is an American low-cost airline that operates scheduled and charter flights. The company was founded in 1982 and today operates flights to approximately 50 destinations. Most of these destinations are American cities. The company also operates flights to the UK, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Caribbean. A distinctive feature of this airline is that Sun Country has contracts with the US Army. The company performs charter flights for them.

The fleet consists almost entirely of Boeing 737-800. The company has 44 such planes at its disposal. In addition, there is one Boeing 737-700. A distinctive feature of the fleet is the relatively high average age of aircrafts – 17 years.

Sun Country has a partnership agreement with Transavia. In spring and autumn, when the airline is not actively using its planes, these aircrafts are leased to Transavia.

Sun Country at Las Vegas Airport: arrivals terminal

Airline aircrafts usually arrive at terminal 3. However, sometimes the Sun Country terminal at LAS can change. In this case, flights arrive at terminal 1. We recommend that you look for reliable information before each trip, because this information is only indicative.

Sun Country at Las Vegas Airport: arrivals terminal

Sun Country at McCarran Airport: departures terminal

It will be difficult for you to get confused, because in this case the terminal remains the same, that is, flights depart from terminal 3. However, as in the previous case, sometimes there are changes if the airport administration decides so. To get reliable information, you can call the airport support service or the airline support service. You can also find up-to-date information on the Internet: for example, on the official website of the airport.

Sun Country at Las Vegas Airport: check-in

Sun Country at Las Vegas Airport: check-in

To gain access to the aircraft, you must first go through a check-in. This is a procedure that all passengers must go through. You need to find out from which terminal your flight will depart. Get to this terminal in advance because check-in usually takes place a few hours before departure. You can find detailed information about check-in on the ticket.