Avelo Airlines


Website: aveloair.com

Phone number: (346) 616-9500

Avelo Airlines is a small American airline based in Houston. This is a low-cost carrier. The company began operating regular flights recently – in April 2021. Previously, the airline was engaged in charter flights. Avelo Airlines was founded in 1987 and today operates flights to 25 destinations. Planes of this airline can be seen only in the United States. The company doesn’t operate flights outside the country.

A distinctive feature of Avelo Airlines is a small fleet. It consists of only 11 planes. The airline has 6 Boeing 737-700s and 5 Boeing 737-800s. Over the entire period of its existence, the company wrote off 20 aircrafts.

The list of destinations of this airline, for example, includes such cities: Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Orlando, Phoenix, Boston.

Avelo Airlines at McCarran Harry Reid

Avelo Airlines at McCarran Harry Reid 

Airport operates flights infrequently. In general, as we said, this is a small company with a small number of flights with a limited geography.

Avelo Airlines: arrivals terminal

Flights of this airline arrive at terminal 1. The company operates all flights independently. There are no codeshare flights. Sometimes airline planes arrive at terminal 3. This doesn’t happen often and depends on the decision of the airport administration. We recommend that you look for up-to-date, reliable information before each trip.

Avelo Airlines at Las Vegas Airport: departures terminal

Flights of this airline depart most often from terminal 1 too. In some cases, the terminal may change, as in the previous case. If you want accurate information, go to the official website of the airport or call the support service. You can also get information on the spot, from an airport employee.


Each passenger must go through the check-in procedure before the flight. During this procedure, you prove that you have arrived at the airport and are ready to receive your boarding pass. Check-in is carried out in the terminal from which the flight departs. Therefore, you need to know this terminal in advance and arrive here in advance. You can read more detailed information on your ticket.