American Airlines

Phone number: +1 844-293-3405

American Airlines is the national airline of the United States based in Fort Worth, Texas. This company is one of the largest representatives of the air transportation market. The airline performs more than 6,000 flights daily, and the aircrafts of this company fly to about 400 destinations in 50 countries around the world. Of course, American Airlines is also present at McCaran Airport.

American Airlines is a co-founder of the Oneworld alliance. This alliance is the second largest in the world. The airline has ten major hubs. For example, they are located in cities such as Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas.

American Airlines has a very large fleet of approximately 900 aircrafts. The most popular model is the Boeing 737-800. The airline is distinguished by the fact that it uses a wide variety of aircraft models (the total number reaches 20).

Airline planes can be seen in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and so on. For example, the list of destinations of this company includes Chicago, Mexico City, Honolulu, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Munich, Milan.

Most flights American Airlines operate independently. However, there are also a small number of codeshare flights organized in cooperation with other airlines. For example, there are partnership agreements with WestJet, Alaska Airlines, Etihad Airways.

American Airlines las vegas

American Airlines arrivals terminal at Las Vegas Airport

Flights operated independently by the airline arrive at terminal 1. Codeshare flights are served by terminal 3. There are cases when the terminal changes. To know exactly which terminal your flight will arrive at, we recommend that you check for up-to-date information before each trip.

American Airlines at Las Vegas: departures terminal

Terminals remain unchanged in this case. Regular flights depart from terminal 1, while codeshare flights depart from terminal 3. For accurate information, you can visit the airport’s official website or call customer service.

American Airline at McCarran Airport: check-in

American Airline at McCarran Airport: check-in

Before you can access the aircraft, you need to go through this procedure. It is mandatory for all passengers. The procedure is carried out in the terminal from which the flight departs. You can get detailed information using the above methods. Also, check-in information is usually indicated on the ticket.