Air Canada



Air Canada is Canada’s largest air carrier based in Montreal. The company was founded in 1937 and today operates flights to more than 200 destinations. The airline is one of the co-founders of the Star Alliance. This is one of the most influential groups in the world of air travel.

Air Canada at Las Vegas Airport

A distinctive feature of the airline is a large fleet: it consists of more than 150 planes. The most popular models are Airbus A220-300 and Boeing 737 MAX 8. The company has 24 of these aircrafts. Air Canada tries to use relatively new planes: the average age is about 10 years. Another feature of this airline is the use of a wide variety of planes: the Air Canada fleet consists of 11 models from different manufacturers.

Air Canada at Las Vegas Airport: arrivals terminal

This airline’s flights are served at terminal 3. The terminal may change from time to time (depending on the flight). We recommend that you look for up-to-date information before each trip if this information is important to you.

Air Canada las vegas airport

Departures terminal

The airline’s flights depart from terminal 3 too. As in the previous case, the terminal may change. You can get up-to-date information by visiting the official website of the airport or by contacting the support service. Airport staff willingly answer passengers’ questions.


Each passenger must go through the check-in procedure in order to receive a boarding pass and, accordingly, access to the aircraft. Usually this procedure is carried out in the terminal from which the flight departs. You can read detailed information on your ticket. In general, check-in at this airport is no different from the same procedures at other airports.